Installing a metal roof on your home has numerous structural advantages as well as financial benefits.

Types of Metals, Styles and Colors

There are a few different types of metals that are used for roofing.

Aluminum – With most metal roofs this material does not require a great deal of maintenance and it also has a higher reflectivity than steel so it will keep your home cooler during the hotter months.

Copper – This material is not only harder to obtain, but it is also a great deal more expensive than other materials used for roofs. It is listed as the longest lasting of all the roofs because copper is the most durable of the four.

Galvanized Steel – This is the one of the most popular materials used in metal roofs because it is one of the least expensive and will also last fifty years or longer.

Tin – Like other metals this roof will last a long time; over forty years. It is one of the softest metals and this one needs to be treated.

The two styles that the roofs are installed in are the interlocking shingles or vertical panels. The shingles are made to look like other types of roofs like asphalt shingles or tile roofs. The vertical panels are often just hung on the roof and snapped together at the edges.

Roofs are offered in their natural metal color as well as decorative colors like red, blue and green along with many others.

Cost and Installation

Your new metal roof will last longer and offer better structural protection for your home and family. The materials are built to last longer and the cost is a little higher. The base price per square foot is determined by the materials you chose as well as the style of metal roof.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Maintaining your roof is easy with an annual inspection. It is recommended to make an inspection after a storm that may have forced trees or hail down on the roof. A roofing expert can inspect the gaskets, sealants and seams to be sure there is no possibility of leaks. They will also identify corrosion.

Overall it is a little more expensive to have a metal roof, but the protection it offers your home and family as well as its longevity greatly outweighs the cost.

Contact Pro Roofing and Siding for information on a new stylish metal roof for your home.

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