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Gutters are crucial for water to shed from your roof. Without them, you may find water in your basement after a heavy rain. Even if the water stays outside your home, if the flow of rain from your roof is not directed into gutters and downspouts and away from your foundation, your home may sustain structural damage.

Even if the water stays outside your home, if the flow of rain from your roof is not directed into gutters and downspouts and away from your foundation, your home may sustain structural damage. Therefore, if notice water pooling around the foundation, erosion problems, or water coming into the house either in the basement or the roof, it means that your home most likely needs a new gutter system.

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Our experience with Pro Roofing was fantastic from start to finish. Everyone that we dealt with was very professional and responsive. The roof & gutters went up quick and look great! We were especially pleased with how well the team cleaned up after themselves. We would recommend Pro Roofing in a second!!

Keelee P.



Pro Roofing replaced the siding, roof, and gutters. I would strongly recommend that you at least call them and get an estimate from them. The salesman I dealt with was forthcoming and honest, the teams that did the work, worked hard to complete the work quickly but thoroughly. 



We had the siding and gutters replaced by Pro Roofing. They did an outstanding job. Very friendly and professional. They worked long hours and communicated with us throughout the whole process. They were very detail oriented and cleaned up completely. They did an outstanding job. I would definitely recommend them and I would use them again.



Do you need a gutter replacement?

There are the different signs to look for to determine when it's time to replace the gutters:

#1 Consider the Age

The age of your rain gutters can make it easier to determine when to replace the materials. Most rain gutters come with the house and last an average of 20 years. If you have copper rain gutters, you can expect them to last at least 50 years. 

#2 Signs of Wear

Perform a thorough inspection of the rain gutters to determine if they look damaged or worn. Test out how well they work by adding water to the gutters with a hose. The water should move at a steady pace and flow well without leaking near the top or bottom. Extra gutters may need to be installed if you spot areas where the water is flowing into your flower beds. 

#3 Stress on the Seams

One of the most common areas where stress occurs on rain gutters is on the seams. You may notice the materials are separated, and leaks are present. Consider replacing the structure with seamless gutters to avoid the same types of issues in the future. The materials may also have signs of peeling, which occurs when the parts have been exposed to too much moisture over time. 

#4 Sloped Gutters

Many people don't realize that when the gutters are sloping and sagging, it's a sign they are no longer structurally sound. This can lead to too much water accumulating and spilling out of the gutters. Stains may also be present on the outside of the house, specifically if rust is present. The gutters are also not working correctly if signs of mildew are present near the foundation.

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