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It is good preventative maintenance to get your roof inspected for damage, especially if your roof is older. A quick drone roof inspection could shed some light on common roofing issues that could lead to more costly damages in the future if not dealt with.

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What to expect from Our Free Roof Inspection

During the roof inspection process, the professional assigned to your home will inspect the roof from the inside and outside of the home.

They will start by looking at your ceiling for water leaks or damage then navigate the perimeter of your property, reviewing the roof overhangs and eaves for signs of termite damage and wood rot.

The inspector will fly a drone over your roof, looking for the following:

  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Cracked seals around the roof penetrations
  • Vegetation and debris on the roofing system
  • Loose or missing flashing

Common Problems Found During the Inspection:

The most common problem uncovered during a roof inspection is a roof leak. Other issues include cracked, broken, or missing shingles, and nail pops, which are holes that let water leak into the structure.

There can also be issues with roofing materials and gutters clogged with tree branches leaves, and various other debris, in addition to separated and cracked sealants around the vents and piping. Accumulation of debris is critical to have removed since it prevents water from efficiently draining off the roof. When water sticks around where it shouldn’t, then there is a higher risk of shingle damage and leaks.  

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