Today Pro Roofing & Siding is installing a new roof in Atlanta. This customer is upgraded her roof to a GAF Architectural Shingle, Timberline HD – Weathered Wood. Our Roofing Crew will tear off the old roof collecting all recyclable materials. [click here to find out what we do with the old shingles…] When the old roof is off we are able to inspect the wood decking for any wood rot or damage. After installing deck protection and Ice & Water Shield at the valleys, chimney, penetrations and wall transitions and step flashing, as necessary, we also install new neoprene plumbing pipe boots, double booted for maximum protection. At this point the roof is ready to have the shingles installed including changes to the ventilation system. We install vented drip edge to balance ventilation system.

The roof will receive a System Plus Lifetime Warranty. This includes 100% coverage for 50 years, labor included for the lifetime of the roof and can be transferred when sold within 20 years.

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