Pro Roofing & Siding is your trusted roofing professional providing you with quality shingle roof replacement in Woodstock when you need it. Shingles will give you a long-lasting, high wind-resistant roof that will be pleasing aesthetically as well as economically. We offer shingles with numerous styles and profiles available in a wide color array. Best of all, shingle roof systems are low cost and low maintenance. As one of the few Certified Contractors in the nation, our optional extended, manufacturer-backed, system warranty covers the complete system and all of its components for a full 20 years.


Mary Beth G. got a roof replacement in Woodstock, GA.  This roof was also covered by Mary Beth’s insurance. We dealt with her adjuster to make sure the whole roof would be covered. She chose GAF Royal Sovereign Weathered Gray for her shingle style and color.

We made sure that the decking was in good condition and replaced any bad or rotted wood, as necessary. We then installed deck protection and Ice & Water Shield at the valleys, chimney, penetrations and wall transitions and step flashing, as necessary. We also installed new neoprene plumbing pipe boots, double booted for maximum protection. Now the roof was then ready to have the shingles installed including the ventilation system.

This roofing system includes a 20 year SYSTEM PLUS Warranty from GAF and a 10 year Labor Warranty from Pro Roofing & Siding.

Serving the Metro Atlanta Area as Georgia’s Most Reliable Exterior Contractor.

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