Commercial Flat Roof Repair in Atlanta

If your commercial roof has been damaged, it may not be necessary to re-roof the entire building. In some instances, flat roof repair might be enough for the problems you have. Whether your property sustained damage due to a storm or has been exposed to the Atlanta sun for too long, it’s possible that a full roof replacement is not necessary and repair is all you need.

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Schedule Routine Roof Inspections with a Maintenance Plan

In order to know when repair is required, it’s important to have your roof routinely inspected. We recommend annual inspection by a roofing professional, and certainly after any severe weather. There are many parts of a flat roof that could need repair or maintenance, and failure to handle these problems can lead to seepage and more extensive damage.

Atlanta flat roof needing repair services


Repair Your Roof Before Replacement Becomes Necessary

Not all problems with a flat roof are immediately visible. Professional roofers have the specialized equipment and expertise to know if your roof is deteriorating and needs care. We are equipped to handle all types of flat roof materials, including metal, concrete, tar and gravel, modified bitumen, and other man-made materials like PVC and membrane systems.

If you have repair concerns about your commercial roof, please call Pro Roofing & Siding. Our certified professionals will do an inspection for you and recommend any necessary repairs. Don’t wait for damage to become visible or irreparable.

Here are some common Flat Roof Repair problems:

  • Roof Recovered Offset Not Correct
  • Flashing Seams Separating
  • Vent Boot
  • No Sealant at Flashings
  • Flashing Rusting
  • Backwater Laps
  • No Starter Strip
  • Fasteners Uplifting
  • Ponding Water
  • Offset Not Correct
  • Torn/Cracked/Broken Surface