Repair or replace your older Atlanta shingles?

If you notice that your home’s shingle roof is damaged, whether it’s from gradual wear and tear or following a recent storm, then you’ll want to address the damage right away before it gets worse. However, determining whether your roof needs repair or replacement can be tricky. Although repairs will cost less, replacement is sometimes the best — or only — way to go. The following are some of the signs that indicate whether shingle roof repair or replacement is in order:

Shingle Roof Repair

Generally speaking, repairing a shingle roof is going to be a lot less expensive than replacing the whole thing. For example, if you notice one or two damaged shingles, then it’s not that difficult, or that expensive, to have them replaced. However, if extensive repairs are required to the point where the cost is approaching a replacement, then you might as well just replace it.

It’s also worth noting that if you’re constantly repairing your roof, replacing it may make more sense as well. Roof repair costs can add up — and if your roof is in constant need of repair, then a replacement might make more financial sense in the long run.

Shingle Roof Replacement

There are a few ways that you can tell that a shingle roof needs to be replaced. If there are a lot of granules collecting in your gutter system, it means that your shingles may have lost their effectiveness and it’s probably time, or near time, to upgrade your roof. Additionally, if you’re constantly dealing with roof leaks inside your home, it means that the roof may be structurally vulnerable.

You may need a roof replacement if your shingles have experienced extensive damage. For example, if your shingles are starting to warp or buckle, or if your shingles are missing or broken in several sections throughout the roof. It may end up costing more to replace the roof initially, but your roof will be less likely to experience costly issues in the near future as a result.

Consulting an Atlanta Roof Specialist

Although you can make an educated guess as to whether you need repair or replacement by doing a visual inspection of your roof from the ground, you’ll get a more accurate (and professional) opinion from a reputable roofer. To schedule a roof inspection in Atlanta to determine whether you need shingle roof repair or replacement, be sure to contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding.

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