Shoppers at a Hong Kong shopping center were startled this past May when a wild boar dropped through the mall’s roof and landed, alive and kicking, in a children’s clothing store. Both boar and store survived. Your business may not suffer from animal invasions, but shopping center roof challenges come in all forms, and from many sources. For commercial roofing Marietta business owners need to turn to professional help to assess risk, and possibly prevent, shopping center roof disasters.


By far, most failures in commercial roofing Marietta property owners should worry about are weather-related:

  • High Winds—A shopping center in Boiling Springs, South Carolina had its single membrane roof peeled away by high winds from storms this past June
  • Rainfall—The Southland Mall in Whitehaven, Tennessee collapsed when four inches of rain fell in eight hours
  • Tornado—The commercial roofing Marietta businesses depend on to keep a roof over their heads cannot withstand the uplift from tornadoes, such as the one that hit a shopping area in Beavercreek, Ohio recently

Other Shopping Center Roof Disasters

While nature certainly plays a major part in destroying shopping center roofs, human fault can be as damaging, and often deadlier. Neither the wild boar nor the tornado in the earlier examples resulted in any loss of life. The same is not true for some shopping center roof disasters.

In 2012, the roof of the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake, Ontario (Canada) collapsed, killing two people. A thorough investigation pointed to the types of issues which commercial roofing Marietta shopping center owners would be wise to consider:

  • Faulty or incomplete engineering inspections
  • Conflicts of interest—The mall owners (the municipality itself) were also the enforcement authority for building codes
  • Neglect—The steel supporting beams rusted from years of rainwater infiltration in a flat roof that needed substantial repairs


To safeguard their property’s commercial roofing Marietta businesses should have annual inspections done by outside commercial contractors. Independent, fresh eyes can assess:

  • drainage problems
  • safety issues
  • deterioration from ultraviolet radiation
  • Structural integrity
  • Sealants around roof piercings and add-ons (such as HVAC units)

Contact Pro Roofing & Siding today to have your shopping center’s roof inspected and, if needed, repaired. We have the trained crews, equipment and expertise to inspect and evaluate your shopping center’s commercial roofing. While we cannot prevent wild boars from dropping in, we can help you to preserve and increase the value of your commercial property.

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