Living in Atlanta means hot summers and mild winters. It also means getting hit with strong storms of all types throughout the year. Meaning that there is a lot of opportunities for storm damage to happen to your roof. Those storms can do quite a bit of damage, especially to your home’s roof. What kind of storms typically hit this part of Georgia and what types of damage can occur?

Spring and Summer Thunderstorms

Did you know the Atlanta area averages over 50 days with thunderstorms every year? Most of these happen in the spring and summer, though they can happen any time of year.

When a severe thunderstorm crosses over your neighborhood, it can cause extensive damage to your roof. The high winds can lift the shingles up, tearing them off or damaging them around the nail holes. The damaged shingles can let the rain get to the roof deck and start leaks. Some thunderstorms also bring hail.

Hurricane Season

During the summer and fall, Atlanta can often be in the path of hurricanes and tropical storms that come inland off the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

These tropical cyclones can bring tons of wind and rain, often coming from all directions as the storm passes. As with a thunderstorm, the high winds and rain of a hurricane can cause extensive damage.

Another hazard of hurricanes is flying debris. While you may keep your trees trimmed and loose items out of your yard, your neighbors may not. Flying debris can penetrate your roof or damage the shingles.


While northern Georgia doesn’t get a lot of tornadoes, they’re a potential threat, especially during the spring and early summer. These intense storms bring high winds and rapidly changing pressures, both of which can cause severe damage.

The high winds of a tornado can strip entire sections of shingles off the roof. The rapidly changing pressure of the passing storm can cause the roof decking to pop off.

Snow Storms

Atlanta is not known for getting a lot of snow. However, on occasion, a good snowstorm will come through the area and leave a few inches behind. In most cases, the snow will melt off and not be a problem.

However, in homes with flatter roofs, the accumulated snow can be a problem. Its weight can cause dipping in the roof, allowing water to settle and cause leaks.

If you think your roof has been damaged by a storm, contact Pro Roofing and Siding immediately.

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