Homeowners looking for durable roofing solutions should consider upgrading to a metal roof.

Usually, a metal roof is more durable and saves you from a variety of maintenance costs since it is more resistant to environmental factors that degrade a roof over time. Here’s a look at what you can expect from upgrading to a metal roof.

Installing a Metal Roof

Working with an experienced contractor is always the fastest and safest way to get the job done properly. The contractor can inspect your existing roof and give you options, such as installing metal shingles over existing shingles. It’s crucial for metal roofing to be installed over an underlayment. Make sure the contractor avoids an underlayment with a mineral surface, which can create more wear and tear, leading to leaks. Building a metal roof over an existing roof helps eliminate outdoor noise problems.

The slope of your roof plays a role in how easy it will be to install your new metal roof. Proper ventilation should be checked so that moisture doesn’t lead to structural failure. Another consideration is using strong seams that prevent moisture from entering the home. Metal roofing components must be installed carefully by certified professionals around extensions such as vents, pipes and HVAC equipment.

Metal roofs are based on a series of metal sheets framed and secured by metal roof clips. A certain amount of space must be allowed for the metal to expand or contract based on temperature changes. Components of the system must be aligned perfectly by the roofing specialist.

Metal Roof Longevity

Roofs with conventional asphalt shingles tend to last about 12-24 years. Certain metal shingles such as copper or zinc, on the other hand, can last over sixty years before needing to be replaced. Aluminum is commonly used for metal shingles and can last up to 50 years. Warranties for metal roofs tend to last 40 years. In the long run, metal roofs usually provide better value than asphalt shingles.

Choosing metal over asphalt shingles can give your home many extra years of protection. It’s important to choose high-quality experts when it comes to installing a new metal roof. Contact us here at Pro Roofing & Siding so that we can answer your questions and provide experienced, reliable and durable roofing services.

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