Severe Weather in Atlanta

We are experiencing severe weather in the Greater Atlanta Area and all of Georgia. Along with powerful winds and rain, this storm is bringing tornadoes and hail.  As the weather moves from Alabama into Georgia, we can prepare for what may be coming, but we cannot protect our homes from tornadoes and hail. It can be scary to hear this weather over your home and the most you can do is stay safe.

Georgia Hail Damage Repairs

Hail Damage

Hail is created by rain drops raised by winds into the atmosphere. Once it gets high enough it freezes, becomes heavy and starts to fall back to the ground. If the winds are high enough, the small frozen rain drops will coat with more rain water, rise up and freeze. This process happens over and over again making the frozen rain drops grow to golf ball size up to baseball size ice balls. These balls of hail can fall at a rate of 100 miles per hour doing massive amounts of damage. Georgia Hail Damage Repairs to your home can include broken and cracked siding and bruised or cracked shingles. Not to mention broken windows and dented doors.

Watch this short video on how hail is created.

How Your Home Owners Insurance Can Help With Hail Damage

georgia-hail-damage-repairsInsurance companies would rather pay to do a roof repair or roof replacement than waiting for the damage to the roof to evolve into internal damage to the inside of a home. When hail hits the roof it can either bruise or crack the shingles. Bruised shingles means that the granules have been pushed off of the shingles. Once this damage has happened the integrity of the shingle is compromised.  Then the UV Rays in the weeks and months after will further break down the shingle. Cracked shingles means just that, the shingles have cracked from the pressure of the hail hitting. Water can get to the wood decking under the shingles and begin to soften and mold. Both can cause water damage to the inside of the home causing further damage and repair costs.

At Pro Roofing & Siding, we can help work with your Insurance Adjuster.

Protect Yourself From Storm Chasers

Many companies will chase a storm through states tending to go door to door selling their services.  There are many flags to watch for. They will usually be cheaper because they know they will not be available to service your home once they have left. With out of state contractors, not only will home owners not receive labor warranties but the contractors could void the manufacturer’s warranties on the materials.

A reputable company would never ask for cash upfront. They would have local references and be insured. Get an estimate and don’t necessarily go with the cheapest.

Call Pro Roofing & Siding for any questions or a free estimate of damage.

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