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When you need a gutter repair, our specialists can assist with a thorough inspection (free of charge) to assess the condition of your gutters, find the root of the problem and provide a free estimate to get it fixed quickly and effectively at a fair price.

Pro Roofing & Siding is your one-stop contractor for all your home exterior restoration needs. Over the past decade operating in the Metro Atlanta area, our gutter pros have gained extensive experience repairing and installing gutters to the highest industry standard.

Avoid trusting your most valuable asset to just any contractor. You can expect the Pro Roofing & Siding team to conduct themselves with honesty and diligence from the initial call to the completion of the project and to go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with the results. Contact us today to ensure you get your gutter repair done right the first time!

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Signs that you need a gutter repair

Here are the reasons to get your gutters assessed by an expert contractor.

1. Rust

Your gutter develops rust when it comes in regular contact with oxygen or water. Rust and corrosion can eat the metal causing it to develop small holes. These holes allow water to damage your fascia board and the walls.

2. Leaks During Rains

When you notice water coming out of your downspouts, pouring over the gutter, or dripping from the gutter seams, it's likely that your gutters are clogged and damaged and need immediate attention.

3. Sagging

If you notice a dip in the gutter, it indicates sagging. This often happens when the gutter brackets come loose, or the gutter is full of water. The heavy weight of the water can make the gutter sag, completely pull off and fall with the fascia board. Avoid this by having your gutters checked quickly!

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