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Your roof is one of the most critical parts of your home regarding both protection and appearance. When you notice it isn't perfect, you may feel the need to get repairs done immediately.

No matter how recently your roof was installed, sometimes shingle roof repair is needed as your roof is constantly being exposed to the elements and has a much higher chance of being damaged than other parts of your home.

Therefore, if your shingle roof is damaged or worn, we recommend contacting a professional roofing contractor like Pro Roofing & Siding and request a free roof inspection and roof repair estimate before the issue reaches the point that it won't be repairable anymore. 

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My Roof Is Relatively New. Do I need a roof repair?

It's not uncommon for shingle roof problems to stem from an installation issue; in fact, here are some of the common shingle roof repair problems deriving from a lousy roof installation:

  • Vent not sealed correctly
  • Punctures in roof
  • No sealant at flashings
  • No starter strip
  • Fasteners uplifting
  • Rusted flashing

Nevertheless, even adequately installed shingles can still get harmed by a severe storm, for which you might need an emergency roof repair. When it comes to storm damage, some kinds are easily negligible, but they may require you to replace or repair your roof over time. 

For this reason, if you notice leaks, moisture on the ceiling, gaps, and rotting roof structures, it is crucial to get a reputable roofing company in your area that can repair them. The longer you wait, the more severe the problem could get, and you might end up having a whole roof replacement.

Why to use Pro Roofing & Siding for your Roof Repair Needs
  • We're certified roofing contractors.
  • All insurance companies are accepted.
  • Over a decade of roofing experience.
  • We are a licensed and insured roofing company.
  • Premium labor and roofing material warranties.


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Common Reasons for Roof Repair

Here are some of the most common symptoms of a roofing problem so you can decide when to take action:

Missing/Broken Shingles

Did you notice any broken or missing shingles? Have you found fallen shingles lying in your yard?

Those things usually mean that your roof might have some storm damage, and your shingles got severely impacted by hail, high winds, lightning, or several other natural causes.

Under those circumstances and based on factors like the seriousness of the damage and the age of your roof, you will have different options.

For instance, if your roof is relatively new and you have a couple of missing/broken shingles, a roof repair makes more financial sense. In that case, r
eplacing the damaged shingles might be enough if the damage is minor and your roof is relatively new. 

For this reason, when you have your roof done, it's best to keep some spare shingles in the garage for when you need spot repair, particularly after a bad storm.

On the other hand, if the damage is considerable but isolated in a specific area of the roof, you can choose to replace just that particular portion, depending on the type of roof you have. Yet, this option is not ideal as you want your roof to have a consistent appearance. 

Whatever the case might be, a professional roofer from Pro Roofing and Siding can help you make the decision that makes the most sense for your circumstances.

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Leaks or Water Damage

Water can create severe damage to your home, especially if you have an asphalt shingle roof. You may be able to see water damage in the form of little wet patches in the ceiling in your attic, and you might even notice leaks when it rains.

This problem will only get worse with time, guaranteed. Therefore, it is best to tackle the issue promptly. Otherwise, you may be stuck dealing with more significant roof repair costs and water damage affecting other parts of your home in the future.

Don't hesitate to call Pro Roofing and Siding today to have one of our roofing specialists come out and provide you with a free inspection and free estimate for your roof repair.

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Sagging Roof

By any means, your roof should be sagging. Regardless of the different degrees of pitches of your roof, they should always remain straight. However, you may notice it is sunken in certain areas. If so, this might mean that it has held too much weight due to ice or snow. 

This appearance can also be a sign of two things. First, your roof is just reaching the end of its lifespan, and it's just not able to hold as much as it used to, for which you might have to consider getting a roof replacement instead.

The other cause might be that the contractor that did your roof made a poor installation in the first place. Regardless of the situation, sagging roof decks need immediate attention as they may cause the whole roof to collapse.

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