When severe weather moves through the Atlanta, it can wreak havoc on your roof.

Therefore, after such a storm hits, it is vital to protect your home and its contents from further harm. 

Here is some advice on what to do after a damaging storm: 


Get Immediate Help For Serious Storm Damage

If a fallen tree limb has gone through your roof, or a large area of shingles or tiles have been torn off by the wind and water is pouring into your attic, call a dependable roofer who offers storm damage restoration services. 

Skilled Atlanta roofers can take appropriate steps like tarping the damaged section to keep additional water from entering your home. 


Investigate for Signs of Additional Storm Damage

For your safety, don’t climb up onto the roof. Instead, walk around the outside of your home to check for less obvious damage from ground level.

You can look for patches of bare underlayment or decking. Also, check for lifted, curled or torn-off shingles or tiles, damaged or missing edge, eave and penetration flashing, or dented or loose metal panels.

Additionally, you can go up to the attic armed with a flashlight and look for water drips. For instance, fresh stains on the underside of the sheathing, or soggy insulation.


Schedule an In-Depth Roof Inspection

If you find concerning signs of storm damage or you’re unsure about conditions of your roof, contact your roofer for a thorough inspection. Just a few cracked shingles can result in slow leaks that cause costly interior damage if they’re not identified and addressed promptly.

Trustworthy Atlanta roofers will take photos and document the damage, and provide you with a detailed inspection report.


Contact Your Homeowner’s Insurance Company

Once you know your roof has sustained damage, call your insurer to let them know.

They’ll advise you on the process for filing a claim, and set a time to have an adjuster visit.

If you have an inspection completed by a reputable roofer, they should be more than willing to assist with the claims process as well.  That way you can have peace of mind that your roof will be repaired fully, with quality workmanship and materials.

If your roof has suffered storm damage and you need help, contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding, the trusted, experienced Atlanta Roofers.


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