Did a hail storm hit your neighborhood? Even without obvious signs, you can have roof damage from hail that you may be unaware of. It can be tough to spot from ground level. Here’s what you need to know about spotting hail damage and getting your roof back in shape.


Obvious Signs of Roof Damage From Hail

Spotting hail damage on your roof can be difficult. For many people, getting up on the roof can be dangerous and is not recommended. Fortunately, there are more obvious signs that hail may have damaged your roof.

You can make a visual inspection by looking for damage to areas like:

  • Gutters and downspouts.
  • Siding, window casings, and windows.
  • Decks, outdoor furniture, and outdoor items with metal or plastic surfaces, such as air conditioners.

If you find damage to these areas, it’s very likely your roof is damaged, too.


Involving the Insurance Company

Every insurance company has their own standards for repairing hail damage. Some factors which may come into play include:

  • Age of the roof.
  • Integrity of the roofing structures.
  • Expected lifespan of the current shingles.
  • Severity of the damage.

A reputable roofer should be willing to supply you with a free estimate of your roof’s damage. It can be helpful to have a written estimate in hand before the insurance adjuster visits you. This allows you to better understand what the adjuster is offering and whether it’s fair.


Working with a Professional

Some roofs need specialized tools or knowledge to be properly repaired. Professional roofers are also qualified and prepared to get up on your roof to look for damaged areas. This makes it important to work with a professional roofing contractor to find and repair the damage to your roof.

Working with a reputable roofer can save you both time and money. Most roofing companies offer free estimates, too. Many homeowners choose to contact more than one company for an estimate, as well.


Roofing Experts Serving the Atlanta and Marietta Areas

Regardless of the severity of the storm, it’s always possible your roof has been damaged. Falling tree limbs, high winds, and heavy rains can cause roof damage, even in less-severe storms.

Pro Roofing has been serving the greater Atlanta area for over a decade. The trustworthy team at Pro Roofing is ready to help you. We offer OSHA-approved safety standards, onsite supervision, waste removal, and effective communication. We also offer financing for qualified customers. Contact us today for your free estimate, storm repair, or emergency roofing services.


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