Atlanta siding contractor questions. Learn the essential about your siding and the main questions to ask your contractor get the best solution.

Home siding significantly impacts your home's exterior's beauty and curb appeal. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of residential properties as it's the first line of defense of a house against the elements. 

Nevertheless, despite the evident importance of siding, homeowners tend to neglect minor repairs that expose them to significant structural issues down the line produced by cumulative damage to their siding. Hence, more often than not, we see homes in Marietta and the rest of the Atlanta Metropolitan Area with warped and bubbled panels, cracks and breakage, dry rot, and mold. 

If you feel that your home's siding needs repair or replacement, don't hesitate to contact an experienced Atlanta siding contractor to examine the issue and help you determine the best route for you. 

Yet, as a homeowner, it's also important to know the essential things that influence a siding project and the main questions to ask the contractor you decide to work with to ensure you get a solution that truly fits your needs. 

Siding Repair in Atlanta

Key Questions for your Atlanta siding contractor:

Do I need a siding repair or a complete siding replacement? 

The short answer is that it depends. If the issue is spotty damage here and there and cosmetic problems, a siding repair might be enough. Siding can easily be repaired if it's still in good shape and is removed carefully. 

It would help if you have enough spare pieces of siding to replace the damaged ones or if you know the exact material and style of your current. If you're not sure, don't worry; with a free inspection, an experienced Atlanta siding contractor can help you determine this and let you know if that siding is still available to order. 

Nevertheless, if moisture has gotten in and fostered mold, fungus, or mildew throughout the siding, or if dry rot is persistent throughout, you most likely need to a siding replacement as your current damage might sustain unrepairable damage or be too old. 

For how long does siding last?

Good siding should last about a decade and potentially longer, but many factors like the Atlanta climate and the direction of sunlight hitting the siding affect its useful life. If your siding is already (or is about to reach) this age, you might want to get it checked. 

There are good chances of expanding the lifespan of your siding through ongoing maintenance. When it comes to siding (as well as any element of your home exterior), timeliness and prevention are everything. 

A storm can hit your neighborhood at any moment. What could have been solved yesterday with a minor siding repair; today could become a complete siding replacement project (+ a costly interior restoration).

Can I repair the siding myself?

Replacing siding may seem like a straightforward task, but the truth is, professionals better handle such projects. You might feel enticed to save some bucks and do it yourself, but cutting and fitting siding to make it waterproof and windproof takes high skills and experience. 

It can be a waste of time and bring additional issues and costs down the line caused by improper execution of the work. 

Can I have a partial siding replacement?

After storms, you could notice damage to your siding isolated in one or two house sections. The extent of the damage might be too large for a minor repair yet concentrated enough to have a partial siding replacement instead of a full one.

This scenario might not be a problem if your siding is a few years old and a replacement product can be found and ordered. If you are on a budget, consulting with a siding pro will help you determine if this is a viable alternative for you. 

When does siding needs to be replaced?

If the siding on your home sustained damage extended around the house or is too old, a complete siding replacement might be your best and only choice. If that's the case, consider taking this opportunity upgrade your wall insulation and wrap as well. It will help lower your energy bills by keeping your house warmer during winter and avoiding letting air-conditioned air seep out during summer.

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