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How Urgent Is My Shingle Roof Leak?

Preventative Roof Repair That Saves You Money

Atlanta Area Shingle Roof Repair

No matter how recently your roof was installed, sometimes shingle roof repair is a necessity. Because your roof is constantly being exposed to the elements, it has a much higher chance of being damaged than other parts of your home. Even a properly installed shingle roof can be harmed by a severe storm, and gradual damage is inevitable over time.

Have a roofing professional inspect your roof is the only true way to know if repair is necessary. It’s not uncommon for shingle roof problems to stem from an installation issue, such as poorly offset shingles or fasteners coming up. These things may not be seen from the ground, but a properly done roof inspection will find small repair problems before they become big issues.

If your shingle roof is damaged or worn, call Pro Roofing & Siding today. Our certified, professional contractors will be able to determine if you need re-roofing or repairs.


Here are some common Shingle Roof Repair problems:

    • Ell Flashing Not Sealed Correctly
    • Incorrect Offset
    • Pitch Transition Not Flashed
    • Flashing Seams Separating
    • Shingle Vent Not Sealed Correctly
    • Punctures in Roof
    • No Sealant at Flashings
    • No Starter Strip
    • Fasteners Uplifting
    • Granules Loss
    • Rusted Flashing
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    Shingle Replacement

    Asphalt shingles often fly off in high winds or can be damaged by UV radiation. Shingles may become cracked and need replacement. In these instances, it’s not always necessary to replace the entire roof, just replacing the damaged or missing shingles will do.

    Sealant Fixes

    There are many parts of a shingle roof that require sealant, from the ell flashing to the shingle vent. Whether the sealant is deteriorating or wasn’t handled properly at installation, this can often be handled with a repair.

    Roof Punctures

    Storms can do more than just lift up shingles. They can also bombard your roof with debris, leaving punctures that allow water to intrude. If the damage isn’t too severe, sometimes it’s possible to repair the damage, rather than replace the roof.

    We offer a full list of shingle roof repair services and will be happy to set up an inspection for you.

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