A property manager’s job for any multifamily dwelling in and around Marietta is never-ending and often thankless. You must be on top of your properties’ needs at all times…sometimes literally on top of a roof that needs work. When you need a roofing contractor for roof repair on a multifamily project, you have an immense responsibility: you are investing more roofs in one job than most individual homeowners will replace in a lifetime.

Identify the Extent of Work

Some roofs in multifamily dwellings wear faster than others. This can result from exposure, such as direct sunlight (which degrades asphalt shingles) or wind (which causes uplift and separation). Overhanging branches can cause blunt impact damage.

With the right contractor, you may find that some roof areas need replacement while others only need spot repair. This is good news, especially when you weigh the costs of complete roof replacement for multifamily dwellings.

Select the Right Roofer

Many roofers in the Marietta area can handle a single-family home, but few have the resources or training to efficiently work on a multiple dwellings project. Ask a prospective roofer how many multifamily units the company has handled.  This can fluctuate by circumstances: if several of the roofers are on vacation or otherwise unavailable, you may have to wait until the staff numbers are back up before the project can begin. Try to drive around to inspect previous work done by the roofer.

home improvement financing

Finding Home Improvement Financing

Roofing companies generally have arrangements with local banks and the occasional commercial creditor. A reliable roofing contractor with strong ties to major lending institutions, however, should be able to provide excellent home improvement financing options which can include:

  • Low or competitive interest rates
  • Partial cash payment while covering the remainder via financing
  • Predictable monthly payments based on cash flow
  • The ability to correct larger issues than cash reserves alone could pay for
  • Immediate action on necessary repairs
  • Maintaining or increasing property value
  • Ample support for tenants

By selecting the right Marietta roofing contractor, one that can help you with your home improvement financing, your job as property manager can become easier. You may even get a grateful “Thank You” from the residents of your multifamily homes for the concern and care you show towards them.

If you have any questions on where to begin, feel free to contact us at Pro Roofing & Siding.  We maintain a professional, well-trained staff and are ready and equipped to help you with your roofing needs.

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