You want your commercial property to look great and stand out among your competitors. Consider that your building’s roof is literally “tops” when it comes to eye-popping curb appeal. Moreover, investing in a metal roofing system offers you more benefits for building efficiency and protecting your assets.

It’s time for a roof replacement or you’re designing new roof construction. Read on to learn how a metal roofing system may fit your building and investment objectives perfectly!

Solid Investment

As a savvy business person, you want to be smart, yet practical about the investment in your roofing system. Consider that the total cost of your roof extends well beyond the installment.

In fact, your roofing contractor should prepare a lifetime cost analysis of your total investment from day one to the end of the new roof’s expected service life. Consider these questions:

  • What is the lifetime costs for maintenance and repairs of an asphalt shingle roof, a Duro-Last flat roof and a metal roofing system?
  • How long do shingle, flat and metal roofing materials last?
  • Which roofing material gives you the best warranty?
  • Which roofing material offers the greatest energy efficiency? (Your energy bills are certainly a cost to consider for the life of your new roof.)
  • Which material is most impervious to the elements, such as wind-driven rain, snow, hail, microbial growth, rot, insects and fire?

When you review and compare the lifetime costs of traditional vs. metal roofs, you’re likely to find a better return on investment and fewer repair headaches (or nightmares) for metal roofs.

Strong as Steel

A good warranty for your roof replacement is essential to securing your investment. However, you would probably prefer to never need your warranty, such as for damage sustained from bad storms, fire or failed materials.

Metal roofs provide you the durability your building needs to avoid such calamity to the underlying systems. A properly-installed, good quality metal roof may last triple the lifetime of an asphalt shingle installation.

Looks Fabulous!

Metal roofing materials available today offer practically endless varieties of designs, colors and adaptability to complex angles and tight curves. Metal roofs are sleek and sophisticated, yet uncomplicated. You won’t see missing or faded shingles, nor subsequent water stains inside your building.

To see if metal roofing is the right fit for your building, contact Pro Roofing & Siding! We install and maintain energy-efficient metal roofs throughout the Marietta area.

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