Are you searching for a new roof? Getting a free estimate from local roofing contractors is a great way to compare prices and find the best deal. However, it's important to know what to look for and what questions to ask when booking an estimate - read this guide before you start your search!

1. Licensed and Insured Contractors

Any roofing contractor you hire must be licensed and insured. Proper licensing will ensure that the company is legally allowed to do business in your area and that they have been adequately trained and certified. 

Additionally, if they are insured, you can be sure they are financially responsible for any damages or accidents their workers may cause while working on your roof. Ask contractors for proof of both before signing any contracts.

2. Verified Reviews and Referrals

When researching potential contractors, be sure to check out customer reviews and referrals. A contractor should have evidence of the quality of their work that is accessible online, either through their website or 3rd party review sites. 

Apart from this, look at their certifications, such as their BBB accreditation, and find out if they have any manufacturers' certifications, such as GAF Master Elite contractor

3. Detailed Estimate of Your Project

Before booking a free roofing estimate, ensure that it includes an accurate and detailed scope of work that covers your particular project. Regardless of whether a minor roof repair or complete roof replacement, a written quote should include details such as:

  • Materials being used
  • The time needed for completion
  • Removal of old material

...and any other relevant factors. 

Having a clear idea of what to expect from the project helps you to make an informed decision about who will provide the best service.

4. Questions To Ask the Roofing Pro

When meeting with the roofer, ask questions about the materials used, labor costs, any warranties or guarantees being offered, and roofing financing options available (in case you need it to pay for your project). 

It's also essential to get a detailed timeline for when the job will start and finish, as well as any relevant payment information. Finally, check whether the contractor will provide photos or videos after they have completed their roof inspection so you can verify all their work or use them for potential insurance claims purposes in case of roof storm damage restoration.

5. Check the Warranty Policy on Materials and Labor

Before booking a free roofing estimate, ask the estimator about their warranty policy. Quality roofs can last up to twenty years with regular maintenance, but the warranty could provide necessary coverage if these new materials are defective or don't last over time.

Also, check the company's labor policy - some warranties only cover material and not labor costs, so make sure you know each company's guarantees before selecting one.

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