Finding a qualified local siding contractor can be overwhelming. To make sure you get the best work and service, it's essential to consider a few key elements when looking for a contractor for your siding repair or siding replacement needs. This guide covers everything from researching contractors to verifying insurance and understanding warranties.

1. Ask for Referrals and Check Reviews

Check online review sources such as GoogleFacebookAngie's List, or HomeAdvisor to understand past customer experiences. Checking reviews will also give you an idea of the contractor's work ethic, attention to detail, and pricing information.

2. Check Credentials and State Licenses

Ask prospective siding contractors for proof of licensure, certifications, and insurance. Many states, like Georgia, require contractors to be licensed to work on residential construction projects. Always check that licenses are current and valid before hiring a contractor.

Additionally, you can contact your state's professional licensing department or local municipality offices to verify a contractor's credentials and ensure they understand the applicable building codes.

3. Research Their Experience With Your Specific Type of Siding

Not all siding projects are the same. Certain materials require specialized tools and techniques, while others might require specific installation because of local regulations or climate considerations. Researching your potential contractor's experience is essential to ensure they're qualified to handle your job. Find out as many details as possible and ask for references if applicable.

4. Schedule an Inspection

Once you have a few prospective contractors in mind, it's time to book an on-site inspection. Before any job, the contractor should inspect your home's current materials and thoroughly evaluate what needs to be done for the new siding installation.

A professional siding contractor will always inspect your home for any preexisting conditions like wood rot or termite damage that could impact the installation of new siding.

During this time, they will explain in detail all the processes involved and estimate labor costs and materials needed. This stage is also an excellent opportunity to ask questions about warranties, materials, installation timelines, and the overall process so you can make an informed decision.

5. Get A Written Siding Estimate

Get a written estimate from each contractor before deciding who to use. Ensure the estimate includes the total cost, materials used, the start date and suggested completion date, payment terms, and any warranties offered. 

After the inspection, the siding pro should be able to provide a written estimate of the work to be done. Ensure the estimate includes the total cost, materials used, the start date and suggested completion date, payment terms, and any warranties offered. 

It's important to read through this carefully, so you know exactly what is included in the quote and what you will be charged. This approach can also help with budget planning as it allows you to compare various estimates from different contractors while ensuring quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

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