Thinking about hiring exterior painting services? The paint on your home’s exterior reveals so much about its history and character. Whether you prefer a timeless charm or a modern twist, it can help create a lasting first impression.

But just like everything else, the paint color deteriorates over time. Harsh weather conditions, direct sunlight, UV rays, and moisture can all contribute to its damage. If you have started noticing wear and tear, color fading, peeling, or cracks you should know it’s time to re-paint. Or even if there aren’t any signs of damage, you can opt for exterior repainting to give your home a complete makeover for 2022.

Since it’s a sizable commitment, let me sway you with 3 reasons to re-paint your home’s exterior:

1. Break From The Mundane

Painting your home has a high return on investment (ROI). A fresh coat of paint revives the beauty of your home and increases its curb appeal. It’s also a much cheaper option than remodeling if you want to change the look of your home.

One major decision while repainting is choosing the right type and color of paint. You have to consider multiple factors like hardscaping, landscaping, the color of the roof, etc. It’s best to work with a professional to pick a color palette that’ll complement the architectural style of your home.

If you’re thinking about selling the place in a few years, a professional can help you choose colors that’ll attract the most buyers. A good paint job will even show the potential buyers that you have taken good care of your home.

2. Increase The Protection

The exterior paint acts as a shield to protect your home from harsh weather conditions. For example, wood surfaces in your home are vulnerable to water damage. This water damage can lead to mold growth which can be a major health concern. Good quality paint can seal off these areas and help improve the structural integrity of your home.

Fresh paint also repels dirt, dust, and allergens which makes it easier for you to keep your home clean. It even stops insects from infesting your home. Hence, re-painting your home’s exterior will not only prevent premature aging, rotting, but it’ll save you money on future damage repairs.

3. Prolong the Life & Beauty of Your Home

Re-painting isn’t just applying new paint to your walls. A professional examines your home for potential problems before applying the paint. It helps in identifying many minor damages ranging from mold, paint blisters, and rotting wood caused by old weakened paint. These aren’t difficult to repair if they’re found at the right time.

A new paint job will even prevent these damages from reappearing. Think of it as a new protective layer that will slow down the process of wear and tear, secure the home from dust and pollution, keeping it looking new for years to come.

Some extensive prep and repair work done before exterior painting are:

  • Removing blisters by scraping or sanding.
  • Repairing loose caulking to seal any unnecessary gaps.
  • Improving the ventilation of the home to make caulk last longer.
  • Waterproofing and weather-proofing to protect your paint in the long run.
  • Priming the bare areas with a high-quality primer.
  • Re-painting the exteriors to provide the desired finish.

All these are crucial steps that’ll help prolong the life and beauty of your home. 

Hire a Professional Exterior Painting Service

Painting the exterior of a home is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. But if you’re thinking about whether the cost is worth it then the answer is YES!

New paint will completely transform the appearance of your home and protect it from harsh elements like sun and water exposure. Additionally, you’ll be able to identify signs of damages in your home and fix them before they turn hazardous.

So are you ready to give your home a complete makeover? Contact us and get a free exterior painting estimate today!

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