When do you need a gutter replacement? Rain gutters are a crucial element of your home. They are necessary to keep water from accumulating on the roof and prevent other elements of your home, such as your siding, from suffering damage by rain.

Gutters can weaken and break over time due to continuous exposure to bad weather. Yet, due to their vital structural function, you must always watch out for the condition of your rain gutters to prevent extensive and costly weather damage to your home.

When do you need a gutter replacement?

Age is the most common reason to consider a Gutter Replacement. Almost all gutter systems will last anywhere between 15 to 20 years. With time rust can develop, causing your gutters to splinter away. Therefore, if you start noticing signs of aging in your gutters, you need to act quickly and replace them.

Damage caused by harsh weather be another reason to replace your gutters, often prematurely. Storms can affect the integrity of your gutters in many ways, like causing big cracks and fractures. When this happens, you might notice signs such as water pouring out irregularly from the downspouts, which can lead to severe structural problems down the line when not assessed rapidly. 

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Common signs of damage/failure

Once the weather is nice out, you want to inspect your gutters. If you have galvanized steel gutters, see any rust at the bottom. You should also be looking out for sagging or splitting gutters. Similarly, check for are any holes or loose fasteners. If you notice the paint is peeling, it may be time to repair your gutters. Your downspouts should be attached correctly and directed at least 10 feet from the house's foundation.

It is also good to do the same inspection just after it rains. It will help you figure out if the gutters are working correctly. The water should flow smoothly from the downspouts. See if there are any areas where the water could be leaking out of the gutters' bottom. If the gutters are overflowing, this can also point to an issue.

A professional inspection performed by a local contractor is the safest alternative to ensure you don't miss any sign of gutter damage while it's still repairable. Professionals can spot things that often get overlooked by non-trained eyes. Pro Roofing and Siding offers free thorough gutter inspections and recommendations without any obligation to work with us, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need a Free Inspection and Estimate for your gutters, roof, and siding. 

What to look for in a gutter contractor?

Finding a dependable gutter contractor is essential for addressing your gutter replacement needs correctly the first time. Although it may be tempting to choose the contractor with the cheaper estimate, it is always a gamble. You may win the jackpot or end up paying double, if not triple, the price to correct the mistakes that a bad quality or inexperienced contractor made. Hence, to ensure you do it right the first time, the safest option is to go with a contractor that meets the following characteristics.


When looking for a gutter contractor, the first thing you should look at is whether they can legally work in your State. Despite this being a point that may sound kind of obvious, it's still worth mentioning it as in some States, you don't necessarily need a contractor license to operate legally, e.g., Texas.

However, Georgia isn't among those States, so to ensure the contractor you deal with meets at least the minimum legal requirements and has the qualifications to install your gutters appropriately, you need to make sure they are State licensed to perform this activity.


Your gutter contractor should also have two forms of insurance, Workman's Compensation and General Liability. But why is this important?

Although you may think nothing wrong can happen, a contractor working high up on your roof can quickly turn into a life-threatening situation. Workman's Compensation covers the hospital bills if the contractor gets injured while carrying out a gutter replacement, so you don't have to. On the other hand, General Liability insurance prevents you from being liable.

Good reputation

The reason why states have different requirements for contractors is that the climate you live in affects the needs of your house. A locally licensed contractor will understand the requirements for your gutters to perform correctly in your specific climate and typical weather conditions.

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Finding the right contractor to help you with gutter replacement can save you a lot of headaches down the road. Based in Atlanta, Pro Roofing & Siding can help you replace your gutters and guarantee professional workmanship.

With over a decade of experience in the Atlanta area, our clients have gained a good reputation for providing satisfactory work. Reach out to us for your free rain gutter inspection and estimate on gutter replacement today!

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