The warmer winds of springtime are starting to stir. That means it’s time to give your shingle roof some tender loving care. Here’s some advice about getting your shingle roof ready for Atlanta’s spring rains.


Winter’s Leftover Surprises

Cold weather, frozen precipitation, fluctuating temperatures, and windy conditions can all lead to shingle roof problems. These may include debris on your roof, gunk in your gutters, lifted shingles, caulking cracks, and more. Ensuring that your roof is in great shape for spring means having it inspected properly. Even if you’re comfortable climbing up on your roof (this isn’t recommended for most homeowners), you may not know what to look for. The signs of shingle roof damage can be subtle; it’s best, and safest, to work with a professional roofer to get a thorough inspection. Many roofers offer services to remedy winter’s leftovers, including gutter cleaning, debris removal, and roof repairs.


Spring’s Common Shingle Roof Problems

An experienced roofer will be able to inspect your roof and see whether or not there are problems that require immediate attention. During an inspection, the roofer may see:

  • Buckled, missing, or lifted shingles.
  • Rust on metal roofing elements like vents or flashing.
  • Moss, mold, or lichen growing on the shingles.
  • Areas of missing or cracked caulking.
  • Excessive debris on roof.
  • Clogged gutters and downspouts.
  • Shingles that are losing their asphalt coating (usually noted by large amounts of small “pebbles” in the gutters and near downspouts).

Not all of these problems require an emergency repair. However, it’s important to work with a trusted, local roofing contractor for the inspection. Working with a reputable roofer in Atlanta will allow you to create a plan for repairing damage in a timely manner.


TLC, Your Roof, and Atlanta’s Best Roofers

At Pro Roofing, we’re proud of our excellent reputation and the service we’ve been providing to Atlanta residents for a decade. We know how important your home’s shingle roof is to your peace of mind. We’re ready to give your roof the TLC it needs to be ready for Atlanta’s spring rains and thunderstorms. Whether you know you need a repair, just want an inspection to ensure your roof is in tip-top shape, or are thinking about a new roof, new siding, or a fresh coat of paint, contact us today for your free estimate! Make sure your roof is ready for spring with a proper inspection and professional repair services.


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