If you are looking for a metal roofer in Atlanta, here you will find what you need to know to make sure you hire a qualified contractor for the project. 

Metal roofs are relatively new to the residential roofing scene. Yet, they are becoming more popular among homeowners each year they are out. Why? The main reason is of course that metal roofs are incredibly durable, but it’s not just that…

Here are more benefits of metal roofs:

  • Environmentally Friendly — Everything about a metal roof, from the panels to fasteners, is recyclable and is often made from recycled metal. It is also energy efficient and durable, reducing energy costs embedded in manufacturing, shipping, and installation.
  • Economy — Energy-efficient, reflective metal roofing lowers cooling costs, which can be enormous in our area. A metal roof is more expensive at installation, but the investment is spread over decades since it lasts up to three times longer than a shingle roof.
  • Safety — Metal roofing is impervious to insect damage, fire, high winds, and most other issues nature throws at it.
Just to put it in perspective:

Suppose you decide to go for a metal roof. In that case, it will probably be the only roof you will ever have to install for the rest of your life. They can last anywhere between 40 and 60 years in typical Atlanta weather, without having to do repairs recurrently.

Sounds fantastic. Doesn't it? 🤩

Now, here comes the “BUT”! Although a metal roof has excellent benefits, a proper installation also requires special training and knowledge to get it done the right way. Hence, if your roofing company is not fit for the job, it could end up costing you a lot more than just the initial payment. 

This blog will give you what we believe are the essential factors to consider when choosing the right metal roofer to help you with a metal roof installation. Continue reading… 👇

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What Makes a Metal Roofer Trustworthy?


Good Communication is Key

Before you decide to work with a roofing company, make sure their representative is knowledgeable and can effectively communicate the available options for your project.

Don’t hesitate to ask whatever you feel is relevant to make an educated decision. Their attitude and ability to provide clear answers can indicate whether they are worthy of your trust. 

A roofing contractor’s job is to provide you all the information you need to understand the requirements to attain your desired outcome. Similarly, based on your particular case, they must warn you about the factors that could possibly affect the pricing, quality, or delay the project’s completion. 

This does not mean that unexpected situations can’t occur as well.  Independently of how experienced the contractor is, each case is different so there is always a possibility to encounter challenges on the way. 

Nevertheless, professional contractors will always be transparent and inform you before making important decisions regarding your roof, particularly if those decisions could affect the previously agreed budget.


Years in Business

The time a roofing company has been in business can serve you to estimate their level of experience and how effective they have been at building relationships with homeowners in the community. 

Long-standing roofing companies should have an extensive portfolio of projects under their belt — some of them might have even taken place in your neighborhood.

On the other hand, a reliable metal roofer should have many good reviews from past customers endorsing their quality and sharing their experience when working with that company. That is why you should always check Google reviews and see what people say.

A common mistake is to look just at the overall rating without considering that it could be based just on a few reviews.


The more significant the sample, the better the analysis – it’s a simple statistics rule. 


✅ Here is the rule of thumb:

Experienced roofers worth giving a shot tend to have over a 100 reviews and an overall 4+ star rating.


Awards and Certifications

All metal roofers must be, at the minimum, state-licensed for roofing. It should be a non-negotiable factor for you to choose a roofer and avoid getting scammed. 

Similarly, you can look if they have awards and certifications. The more distinctions the roofing company has, the more reliable it is. 

Why is this important? Simply because it means that industry authorities and manufacturers have thoroughly screened them and determined that they are among the best roofing contractors in their area.

To win industry distinctions, roofers must undergo a series of professional training. At the same time, to even be considered for a nomination, the company must have a trackable record of business excellence. It means consistently acting ethically and always keeping the highest standards.


One More Tip…Take Your Time!

If you plan to build a new home or stay in your existing Atlanta-area home for most of your life, a metal roof is certainly worthy of consideration as they give you the best return on investment in the long term.

Nevertheless, it’s vital not to forget that metal roofs are also costly investments. Therefore, you must give yourself the time to research the best metal roofers in your area before making your move.

Although you might find plenty of options for metal roofers in the Atlanta area, few combine the years of experience, customer service, and industry certifications to ensure a top-notch and 100% stress-free experience when getting a new metal roofing system installed on your residential property. 


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