Few home remodeling projects transform a home as dramatically as new siding. Taking the great leap to hiring a local, reliable siding company and having fresh new home siding installed takes a bit of planning and some basic knowledge.


Know Your Plans

If you know you are planning to move within the next three to five years, you can select siding that will have a strong visual impact without breaking your budget. Adding curb appeal to a house is a great idea, and for 2017, new siding is the fourth best return on your investment in the South Atlantic region, say the pros at Remodeling. Consider resale value when planning for a new exterior.

If you plan to stay, a more upscale siding choice, such as fiber cement siding, will keep you smiling for many years.


Know Your Siding

Fiber cement siding outlasts vinyl and aluminum siding and is more visually appealing. It requires almost no maintenance, is rot and termite resistant, and offers great fire protection. Though it is paintable, the baked-in color lasts for decades.

Other options in siding include natural wood, stucco, hardboard composite, stone or brick veneer, or fiberglass. Each have some good qualities, but none matches fiber cement siding for design, versatility, economy and longevity.


Know Your Contractor

The most expensive siding can still look terrible if your contractor is unskilled. Verify your contractor’s credentials (licensing, insurance, manufacturers’ awards) and ask to see previously completed siding projects in the same general price range as your project.

Choose a contractor you feel comfortable talking with, because communication is vital for a successful remodeling project.


Know Your Taste

Since fiber cement siding from James Hardie is available in a veritable rainbow of colors and in three design textures, you must know your taste before committing to a siding choice. Your home and landscape dictate some of the overall look, but consider your design options:

  1. Lapboard —Fitting all styles from Victorian to modern
  2. Shingle — A cozy cottage feel
  3. Vertical panel — Giving a timeless, board-and-batten look


Looking for a Reliable Siding Company in Atlanta?

Your local, helpful siding contractor can go over the different options and help you visualize your newly sided home. You can get a sense, too, of how long the job will take, what your trim choices are, and what the entire process involves. Contact Pro Roofing & Siding today to hear how new siding can make your Atlanta-area home the talk of the town.

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