The fiberglass-asphalt shingle is the most popular residential roofing product in North America. For homeowners in the Marietta region who are ready to begin a shingle roof replacement project, we’ve compiled a helpful guide to get you started on the right foot.

Locate a Trusted Contractor

Working with a trusted, local contractor will help to make the entire shingle roof replacement process easier. Find someone with a great reputation and consumer-based awards/manufacturer certifications that prove the company is willing to go the extra mile for you.

Find a Superior Quality Shingle

GAF’s popular Timberline series, is America’s #1 shingle.  It is, of course,  only one of many, from the basic and trusty three-tab shingle to Specialty and Designer series shingles. We would like to focus on the merits of choosing this shingle because of its balanced benefits for your home.  (Please discuss the different types of shingles available with your roofing contractor to learn which may be the best fit for your budget and style.)

There are multiple colors available in each series. The Timberline American Harvest group, for example, provides six color choices to Marietta buyers:

  • Amber Wheat
  • Appalachian Sky
  • Cedar Falls
  • Golden Harvest
  • Nantucket Morning
  • Saddlewood Ranch

Each group within each GAF series has its own outstanding designer color choices.

shingle roof replacement

Consider the Benefits of Energy Savings

Timberline is a type of architectural shingle; deep-cut and shaped to provide interesting shadow play across your roof. Given Marietta’s hot summers and temperate winters, you may wish to consider Timberline Cool Series during shingle roof replacement; they save energy by using light colors to reflect heat away from your home. These shingles have earned Energy Star certification.

The Roofing System is More than the Shingles

Even the best GAF Designer series shingle is only one part of a complete shingle roof replacement.

From starter course all the way up your roof to flashing and ridge vents, a shingle roof replacement by Pro Roofing & Siding gives you a complete, high-quality roof. Each element in the GAF system helps protect your home, control energy consumption and prevent water damage. A conscientious contractor will never slap down a new shingle over an old roof without first checking the integrity of every layer:

  • Sheathing—The plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) that forms the foundation for the system
  • Underlayment—The roll material that provides basic water resistance
  • Water shield—A strip anywhere from three to six feet along the lower edge of your roof, providing a water and ice barrier

Contact Us to Learn More

When you face shingle roof replacement, trust the local experts and the nation’s #1 shingle: contact Pro Roofing & Siding about their GAF fiberglass-asphalt shingles.

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