When your roof begins to suffer from old age, wear and tear, or severe weathering, it may be time to for a roof replacement.  Since many homeowners are overwhelmed by the thought of having their roofing replaced, here is a simple walk through to help prepare you for this project:

An Honest Opinion

There are many reasons why your roof may not be in the best shape.  The remedy does not always require a total replacement. When you schedule a roof inspection and consultation with Pro Roofing & Siding, we will tell you when a simpler repair is necessary (damaged flashing or gutters), versus when you really need roof replacement. We can also point you to the best kind of shingles for your home neighborhood. If your roof project is covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy, we are always happy to help talk you through the process and provide any paperwork that you need for your claim.

Tear Off

Some shady contractors will suggest that you can simply put another layer of shingles over your current layer instead of roof replacement, but we generally do not recommend this.

shingle roof replacement

Every additional layer of shingles you put on in the heat of Marietta will halve the lifespan of your roof: 30 year shingles are suddenly only good for 15 years when you install them over existing shingles, which is a needless expense. Additionally, warranties are not available for roofs that are built this way.


After the old shingles have been torn off, we sometimes discover that the decking or plywood under your shingles has begun to rot. We will inspect each piece and replace it as necessary, both for the safety of our crew and for the integrity of your roof replacement.

Reshingling and Flashing

Once the decking is solid, we install underlayment and a water barrier, as needed. Then, new shingles are laid over the entire surface.

We also flash, or seal, around chimneys, vent pipes and any other protrusions as well as installing drip edges above your gutters.

Inspection and Lien Release

When the project is done, we will walk you through the final inspection and answer any questions you may have. Once we know that you are satisfied with our work and have received payment, will give you a signed lien release.

At this point – you are ready to enjoy your new roof!

Contact our team for more information on protecting your home.

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