Wind roof damage does not necessarily happens after a storm. In fact, wind can pick up and tear at your home without rain, hail and lightning. That’s why it is vital to remember to be thoughtful of high wind warnings and get your home prepared. 


Be Prepared

When there is a chance of high winds or heavy storms, evaluate your home and surroundings ahead of time to ensure there are not any weak areas that may contribute to damage.

  • Walk around your home and look on the ground for any debris from your roof, flashing, siding or windows.
  • Make a visual inspection from the ground, checking for shingles that may be loose, missing or torn. Look for shingles that have been moved. Also, make sure that flashing around the roofing accessories is not pulled up and remains flush with the roof.
  • Check all windows from the outside for standing water and debris in screens or grooves. Look for missing, cracked or broken glass. Also, check around the windows inside to be sure that they lock tight and have a good seal.
  • Cut back any trees or tree limbs that may brush up against the house in a wind storm. Remove dead limbs that can be caught up in the wind and tossed onto the house.
  • Safely store any lawn ornaments that can be picked up in the wind.


What to Do If  You Spot Wind Roof Damage? 

If, after high winds or a storm, there is damage that you can safely attend to before a trusted Atlanta Roofing Contractor can arrive to make roof repairs, do so carefully. Do not go on the roof after a storm; if there is any damage you can make minor repairs from the attic.

One of the best ways to be prepared for storm season is to have a trusted Atlanta roofer come out and inspect your home. They can check your roof, windows and siding for any weak areas and make recommendations on how best to protect your home from high winds. For a free estimate, contact Pro Roofing in Atlanta.


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