There’s a lot to think about it when a storm damages your roof. One of the most important things is finding a trustworthy local roofer. While you may have plenty of roofers to choose from, including big-name companies from across the country, your best choice is always local. Why? It’s a good question with many answers.


1. A local roofer knows the area

A local roofer knows the area. They have experience working with any storm damage which may occur in your community.


2. They have a strong reputation

A trustworthy local roofing contractor has an established business in the community. They will have spent years building a reputation for superior, dependable, and on-time work. They have experience in meeting the needs of area residents. Including during an emergency.

They’re also available if further issues arise after they’ve completed their work. The last thing you need is a company who moves or vanishes without warning.


3. A local roofer is easy to reach

A quality local contractor understands good communication is an essential big part of what they do. Are they available when you call or do you have to wade through several layers of voicemail? Do they return your calls promptly if they’re not available immediately? Do they provide the proper documentation and paperwork?


4. They’re honest

Always be wary of companies who try to get you to do something illegal. If something seems sketchy, it probably is. For instance, never let a contractor say they will cover your deductible if a sign can be put in your yard. That is charged to your insurance company and is illegal.


5.  A local roofer understands the insurance claim process in your area

You and your roofing contractor will work closely with your insurance company during the storm damage repair process. Choose a local roofer who is well-versed in insurance claims.

Pro Roofing & Siding is a contractor you can trust in the Atlanta area. Contact us today to learn more about their services.


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