Needless to say, a roof is essential to a building’s overall structural integrity. Since it’s the first line of defense against the outside elements, thorough roof construction and maintenance is vital.

That is why it’s crucial to build a solid rapport with your local commercial roofer. Collaborating with a diligent, dependable and skilled professional roofers, like those a Pro Roofing & Siding, is one of the best ways to ensure a safe, comfortable building — whether it’s a business or multifamily complex.

These three tips can help you build that relationship and maintain a reliable commercial roof.

Be Picky

We are taught as children that being picky is wrong. However, when choosing a commercial roof professional, being selective is important. The last thing you want is a roofing contractor that does terrible work.

When vetting potential roofers, personal recommendations and online reviews are a great place to start. Colleagues, local business networks and neighboring business owners can be excellent sources of referrals. However, they should not be your only avenue for assessing roofers.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates businesses based on their track records and customer reviews. A review of the commercial roofer’s profile can help in your decision.

Roofing material manufacturers also provide certifications for professional roofers. One such award is the SELECT ShingleMaster certification from CertainTeed. These certifications are designed to provide commercial consumers with a list of reputable, experienced roofers.

Constant Communication

As with any relationship, communication is the key to success.

You should be able to discuss any roofing project with the roofer you employ. Likewise, your contractor needs to feel comfortable bringing potential issues to you so they can do their job right.

Keeping in touch is also an essential element of communicating. Regular updates on the progress of any commercial roof replacement or repair job are crucial to a stress-free and successful relationship.

Create a Maintenance Plan

Once you have chosen a qualified roofer and established a stable working relationship, you can collaborate on a maintenance plan for the roof of your property. This way, you can head off issues before they arise. Furthermore, help will only be a call away if unexpected damage occurs. Annual roof inspections are recommended and can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.

The Next Step

If you are searching for a reliable commercial roofer in the greater metro Atlanta area, look no further than Pro Roofing & Siding. As a reputable Georgia roofer, our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction make them stand out.

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