Pro Roofing & Siding offers comprehensive commercial roof repairs, replacement and maintenance. Today we are working on an Atlanta commercial roof repair at an apartment building. We service their 24 buildings. Some have gotten new roofs and others only need roof repairs. Work includes repairs on 4 buildings and roof replacement on 10 buildings including the pool house and mail kiosk.


Commercial Roof Repairs vs Replacement

  • Roof repairs include removing the shingles around all points of penetration and installing Ice & Water Shield. We then will replace the shingles to work areas and any missing shingles from wind damage.

  • Roof replacement includes for us to tear-off old complete roofing system and replace any damaged wood decking. We will then install the new roofing system for a secure and dry home to many.


Serving the Metro Atlanta Area as Georgia’s Most Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractor, contact us today!

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