Property managers and owners of commercial properties in and around Marietta are blessed by our gentle climate. Our commercial roofs do not take the punishment seen in more northern latitudes. Still, Pro Roofing & Siding does plenty of commercial roof repair, and over the years we have seen many roofs that reveal mistakes. Learning what to do, and what to avoid, with commercial roof leak repair could save you money and save your commercial property from ruin. 

DO This:

At Pro Roofing & Siding, we recommend these money-saving strategies that will also keep Marietta-area building occupants happy:

  • Do know your roof—Talk to your commercial roofing contractor about the options available for your roof type. Low-sloped roofs require different repair strategies from steep slopes. Single-ply membrane means different repair work than modified bitumen.
  • Do discuss schedules and options—Communicate honestly and clearly with your commercial roofer, and with building tenants, so everyone is aware of schedules and disruptions. Avoid confusion and tenant frustration.
  • Do document damage—Expect a report from the commercial roofer that includes pictures or at least drawings outlining the extent of the damage, and the remedies performed. This can help not only with future repairs but with insurance claims.

DON’T Do This:

Most commercial property owners learn the hard way what not to do when facing roof leak repair. Learning these lessons can save you time, money and aggravation on your Marietta property:

  • Don’t take the lowest bid—Low bids are notoriously expensive. Taking the low bid on a roof leak repair, without knowing the reputation and work history of the bidder, will eventually cost you many times as much as you “saved” on the repair.
  • Don’t agree to mismatched repairs—No roofer can repair a commercial roof without a thorough inspection to know exactly what type of roof you have. Single-ply membrane can have many formulations, for example, and repairs made for one type may not adhere to another.
  • Don’t rush the roofer—Laying down roof materials over wet roofing, in a rushed attempt to stop a leak, seals in the moisture. This leads to dry rot, further damage, mold and mildew.

When you are facing the need for commercial roof leak repair, turn to the professionals at Pro Roofing & Siding. We will work with you to identify the extent of the damage, recommend an economical and efficient repair, and keep your building occupants informed.

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